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7 Days 5 Nights Honshu Chubu Shirakawa-Go
7天5晚 本州中部 合掌村
Tour code : JTAY07


  • In Nagoya Nabana no Sato, the four seasons are a colorful world of flowers.
  • Gujo Hachitsubo-food model making experience.
  • Gasshang Village - World Cultural Heritage.
  • Kenrokuen - one of the three famous gardens in Japan.
  • Experience the Shin-Huiko Ropeway in the Japanese Alps.
  • Kamikochi Scenic Area (Taisho Pond & Kappa Bridge).
    上高地风景区 (大正池&河童桥)。
  • Japan mountain Kyoto - Takayama.
    日本山上京都 - 高山。
  • All you can eat long legged crab, Japanese-style barbecue, and Hida beef set meal.

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Assemble at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, take a flight to Nagoya, Japan via Singapore.

Lunch- BBQ Set Meal / Dinner - Japanese Set Meal

Nagoya castle (Outlook & Photo section) is a Japanese castle located in Osaka During the Edo period, Osaka Castle was the heart of one of the most
important castle towns in Japan.
Nabana no Sato is a theme park dedicated to flowers. Located on the island of Nagashima in Kuwana City,
the park is famous for its seasonal flower shows.
Sakae Underground Shopping Centre offer the most convenient shopping in the city, especially if you don’t have too much time to spare. These venues have clothes shops after clothes shops as well as outlets
selling interesting souvenirs and local traditional items.
Continue journey to Gifu for overnight stay.

Miyako Hotel Gifu Nagaragawa or similar
Breakfast / Lunch - Gujo Local Cuisine / Dinner - Shabu-shabu

Gujo Hachiman: a leading producer of food replicas in Japan. You can enjoy making fake food samples just like the menu samples you find displayed at
Shirakawa Go Village: Unesco World Heritage Site. They are famous for their traditional gassho-zukuri
farmhouses, some of which are more than 250 years old.

Kanazawa Kokusai or similar
Breakfast / Lunch - Japanese Set Meal / Dinner - Hotel Buffet + Crab

Kenroku-en Garden: known as one of the three famous gardens in Japan, is a must-see for sightseeing in Kanazawa. The name Kenrokuen means "six elements", showing the garden's breathtaking six beauty attributes: spaciousness, serenity, artificiality,
simplicity, ingenious water source design and stunning and magnificent views.
Tateyama Kurobe (Kurobe Dam Sightseeing and Water Release: June 26-October 15) The red and
yellow red leaves take about one and a half months from September to early November, and the transition
from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain is gradually easy color. The Tateyama Alz Route is a tourist spot with a very large difference in
altitude. From time to time, it can be seen that the mountains are lush and green, the mountains are full of maple leaves, and the snow-capped peaks are unique and vivid natural scenery.

Ikenotaira Shirakabakogen Hotel or similar
Breakfast / Lunch -Japanese Set Meal / Dinner - Hotel

Shin-Hotaka Ropeway: is one of Japan's most unique ropeways. It has one of the largest elevation gains in
the country as it climbs over 1000 meters up the side of the Hotake Mountain Range, which includes
Oku-Hotakedake, Japan's third highest peak (Subject to weather permits).
Kamikochi: is a remote mountainous highland valley within the Hida Mountains range, meanwhile we call
Japanese Alps.
Taisho Pond (Taishoike): was formed in 1915, when an eruption of the nearby volcano Yakedake dammed
Azusa River. Decayed trees, standing in the pond, provide a special sight.
Kappa Bridge: is a suspension bridge over Azusa River in the center of Kamikochi, not far from the bus
terminal. Several hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops can be found around the bridge.

Hida Plaza Hotel or similar
Lunch - Hida Beef Set / Dinner -Japanese Set

Takayama Morning Market: Most stands sell local crafts and farm products such as vegetables, pickles
and flowers.
Takayama Jinya: it was originally built in 1615 and managed by the feudal authorities until the late 19th century.
Sanmachi Suji: the old street of Takayama, are narrow and lined with stores selling traditional wares,
craftsmen’s workshops.
Free shopping at Mitsui Outlet Park.

Centrair Hotel or similar
Hotel Breakfast / Meal on Board

Morning, proceed to Nagoya International Airport and return home with good memories.

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