About Hong Kong
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Hong Kong is blessed with popular attractions and sightseeing opportunities throughout the territory. You’ll find endless things to see and do on Hong Kong Island and in Kowloon and the New Territories.

You’ll be amazed by the diverse contrasts and close proximity of stunning cityscapes and soaring mountains, heritage sites and extensive green countryside. You can find yourself swaying along on double-decker tramcar one moment, then cheering with the hordes at the city-centre horse races, or simply gazing out at the magnificient harbour.

Shopaholics rejoice: from ready-to-wear clothings to bespoke kitchen knives, the sheer range and variety of products on Hong Kong's shelves is mind-bending. Shopaholic rejoice: Hong Kong is full of shops catering to whatever you need ranging from street markets to high end shopping malls to suit the desires of Mallsters, market fanatics and the ambitious types.