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7 Days 5 Nights Charming Kyushu
7天5晚 精彩九州 发现新魅力
Tour code : JFA 07

福风 / 柳川 / 鹿儿岛 / 指宿 / 宫崎 / 别府
Fukuoka / Yanagawa / Kagoshima / Ibusuki / Miyazaki / Beppu


  • Tenmonkan shopping street, Great shopping with the locals of Kagoshima.
    天文馆商店街, 自由购物,是鹿儿岛县内最大的商业区、购物街与娱乐区,当地人又昵称其为天街。
  • Experience a natural sand bath in Ibusuki.
  • Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine
  • Aoshima Shrine is a shrine in Aoshima, Miyazaki City.


Local Flavor
Yanagawa Unagi. Black Pork Kettle Rice. Black Vineger Flavor. Aoshima Seafood Flavor. BBQ

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Shopping stop

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Meals On Board

Assemble at KLIA for your flight to Fukuoka (via Bangkok).

Lunch- Unagi Set / Dinner - Kagoshima Black Shabu-Shabu

Upon arrival, meet and greet by local guide.
Yanagawa River , is the most famous water township in Kyushu. The captain will share the history of Yanagawa City while taking a ride on the river cruise.
Tenmonkan shopping street, Great shopping with the locals of Kagoshima.

Kagoshima Sun Royal Hotel or similar
Breakfast / Lunch - Black Pork Kettle Rice / Dinner -Buffet or Japanese Set

Sengan-en, is a Japanese garden attached to a former Shimazu clan residence in Kagoshima. Designated a Place of Scenic Beauty, together with the adjacent Shōko Shūseikan it forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial
Revolution: Iron and Steel, Shipbuilding and Coal Mining.
Ishibashi Park, is a park in Hama-machi, Kagoshima, Japan. At the end of the Edo period, local lord Shimazu
Shigehide had three bridges.
Lake Ikeda, is a caldera lake located south of Kagoshima city. It is perhaps best known to tourists as the location of the purported sightings of a monster
named Issie, and as the largest lake on Kyushu island.
Nagasakibana Lighthouse, A view of the lighthouse on Cape Nagasakibana.
Ryugu Shrine, This shrine is dedicated to the sea god Ryujin and many turtles come to this location to lay their eggs. Additionally, this shrine is popular for matchmaking and praying for love.
Ibusuki Sand Baths , provides an interesting way to enjoy the benefits of the heat and minerals associated
with a long hot soak.

Ibusuki Kaijyo Hotel or similar
Breakfast / Lunch - Vineger Flavor / Dinner - Buffet or Japanese Set

Sakurajima Ferry crosses Kinko Bay, is just 4km away from southern city of Kagoshima, 1,117 meters above
sea level, 50km radius, one of the active volcanoes in the world.
Visit Arimura Lava Lookout, as provided in the flow out of the 1914 explosion of Sakurajima.
Kakuida vineger factory, Famous vinegar factory in Kagoshima.
Udo-jingu, is a Shinto shrine in Nichinan, Miyazaki prefecture, Japan, south of Aoshima. It is the mythical
birthplace of Emperor Jimmu's father Ugayafukiaezu.

Miyazaki Kanko Hotel or similar
Breakfast / Lunch - Aoshima Seafood flavour / Dinner - Buffet or Japanese Set

Aoshima Shrine is a Shinto shrine located on Aoshima Island.
Devil's Washboard, During the latter period of the Miocene epoch (about 7 million years ago), the
aqueous rocks (layers of hard sandstone and soft mudstone piled up repeatedly) were washed over by waves for a long period of time, leaving only solid sandstone layers that have a washboard-like appearance today. These rock formations run approximately 8 kilometres from the coastline of southern oshima up to Kinchaku-jima. Enjoy playing along the rocky shore during low tide.
The Sea Cross: Observation deck overlooking a cross-shaped coastal inlet including a bell to ring & make a wish.

Hotel & Resorts BEPPUWAN or similar
Breakfast / Lunch - Pork flavour / Dinner - BBQ Eat All You Can

Beppu Jigoku Meguri. Visit Chinoike-jigoku, a pond of bubbling crimson water and Umi-jigoku, a pond of boiling blue water. Not quite Dante’s inferno, but one that will leave an impression nonetheless.
Yufuin, has a wealth of art museums, cafes and boutiques, and many travelers come to the city just to
stroll about town for the day.
Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, where people gather from throughout the country to worship the God of
Tenjin is one of the commercial areas in Fukuoka. This area is the shopper’s paradise where you can find departmental stores, restaurant, yatai (food stalls) and entert ainment spots.

Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk or similar
Hotel Breakfast / Meal on Board

If time permits, you can do some last-minute shopping before you transfer to the airport for your flight home (via Bangkok).

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