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(台北 / 新竹 / 台中 / 高雄/ 台南/ 嘉义 )


4* hotel throughout
Dried Persimmon DIY Experience
Bib Gourmand
Jingzaijiao Tile Plate Salt Field (Experience Pushing Salt)
Lukang Old Street & Glass Mazu Temple
Pineapple Cake DIY

全程4* 酒店
柿饼DIY 体验

Shopping stop

Local Product Center
Tianlu Center


Assemble at KLIA for your flight to the Taoyuan International Airport.

Century Hotel Taoyuan 4*or similar
Hotel Breakfast L:Hakka cuisine D: By Own

Wei Wei Jia Persimmon Cake Farm Tour(Sep-Nov) : persimmon cake is a traditional Taiwanese delicacy.Participate in guided tours around the orchard and engage in DIY persimmon cake activity. Try various type of persimmon cake here.
Remark : If non persimmon cake season, substitute to
Lei Cha DIY
Traditional Ice Cream Shop (Free: 1 Ice Cream) :famous for its nostalgic and handmade ice cream
made using fresh ingredients without artificialcolouring.
Gaomei Wetlands : Appreciate the beauty of nature,rich diversity and stunning sunset with impressive giant windmills in the background.
Shenji New Village :renovated from old residential housing, this place is now a bustling neighbourhood and hub for artistic and cultural products, attracting creative entrepreneurs and offering picturesque photo opportunities.
Yizhong Shopping District : Indulge in a variety of street food and snacks, trendy clothings, lively
entertainment and game stalls.

Stay Hotel yizhong 4*or similar
B:Hotel Breakfast L:Own D:Dong Po Zui Yue

Lukang Old Street :explore the well-preserved architecture as this area was once the prominent
trading hub during Qing Dynasty.Step back in time as you walk though the old street lined with traditional
shops and temples. Savour traditional street food and witness traditional craft demonstrations.
Glass Mazu Temple :Renowned for its distinctive architectural design, it combines traditional temple
elements with modern glass structures.The glass-roofed temple has a open-air design, enhancing overall ambiance.
Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, Lotus Pond: Each pavilion
has octagonal floors with green and yellow walls, resembling pagodas. Walk through the Dragon’sthroat and out of the tiger’s mouth to turn back bad.
Pier-2 Art Center: artistic and cultural district locatednear the waterfront. It features contemporary artisticsculptures and also boutique and design shops.

Kaosiung Hotel Midtown 4*or similar
Hotel breakfast L: Omakase Zhu Xin Ju Restaurant (Old House Cuisine) D: By Own

Chimei Museum (photostop) : take amazing photo in front of the European style building that showcases a blend of neoclassical and Baroque styles.
Blue Culture & Creative Park: learn about indigo dyeing culture in the workshops and exhibitions hereand also purchase some unique pieces as souvenirs.
Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields (Salt harvesting
experience): Learn about the salt production process and try it yourself. ”Pushing salt" involves pushing seawater into the fields and allowing it to evaporate,creating salt.
Wenhua Road Night Market: Indulge in authentic Jiayi specialties such as chicken rice, clay pot fish head, milkfish soup, and more. Experience the unique flavors and rich food culture of Chiayi.

Look Hotel or similar
Hotel Breakfast L:Indigenous cuisine D:By Own

Sun Moon Lake (boat tours) : Embark on a scenic  boat to enjoy the scenery of the lake and surrounding mountains. Home to indigenous tribes, temples and pagodas that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region.
Local Product Center : Shop for mountain specialties.
18°C Chocolate Factory (Free: 1 chocolate snowball):prioritizes in quality and craftsmanship, the shop uses premium chocolate and creativity to create a variety of exquisite chocolate products. Must-try: fresh toast, handmade chocolates, and delightful ice cream.
Feng Jia Night Market: famous for a variety of delicious street food. Shop till you drop in the stalls here offering a diverse range of products from clothing, accessories, cosmetics and more.

Beacon Hotel or similar
Hotel Brekfast L:TAKAO1972 D:Hai Pa Wang

Pineapple cake DIY : Enjoy hands-on experience to create this popular Taiwanese treat. There are pastries of different flavours sold here, you can buy them back and give them to your friends and relatives
to taste.
Tianlu Center :Understanding Tianlu culture in Taiwan.
Huashan 1914 Creative Park : a hub for art and creativity, offering exhibition, communication, and
shopping spaces.
Dadaocheng :one of the oldest areas in the city. Filled with various trendy cafes, cultural shops and unique restaurants, there is plenty to do, eat and buy here!

Park city hotel luzhou or similar
Hotel Breakfast

If time permits, you can do some last- minute shopping before you transfer to the airport for your flight home.

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