8天 6晚 韩国冬季最美风景线
Tour code : KWGJ 08

群山/木浦/全州/首尔 /滑雪场


Sinan Purple Island
Makpo Marine Cable Car
Jeonju Hanok Village

Meal On Board

Assemble at Airport for your flight to the capital of Korea – Seoul.


L: Lotus leaf table set /D: Dried croaker with flower crab soup

Buyeo Gungnamji Lotus Pond – The Garden of Palace: It was built in the 35th year of King Mu of Baekje (634 AD) and is the oldest existing artificial lotus pond in Korea. Every summer, you can enjoy more than 100,000 square meters of lotus flowers, such as white lotus, red lotus, more than 50 kinds of lotus flowers.
#Seodong Lotues Festival estimated period: 14 July – 22 July 2022
Seonyu Island:is the first recycling ecology park and water park.
Gunsan Modern History Museum: covers the history of Gunsan's transformative role as an international trading port.
Gyeongamdong Railroad Town: There are various murals painted along both sides of the railway track, and shops selling souvenir and snacks are also spread along the railway track, attracting many young Koreans and tourists visit here.


Gunsan Avon Hotel or similar class
BB: Hotel /L: Purple octopus soup with traditional pancake /D: Hanjungsik

Sinan Purple Island: The unique “Purple Islands” are actually Banwol and Park-ji Islands, They have become a popular destination for its Instagrammable and picturesque backdrops, many with the color purple as its theme.
Dongbu Traditional Market: is the largest market in Mokpo with 375 stores. It sells primary products such as agricultural, marine and livestock products as well as clothing and industrial goods.
Makpo Marine Cable Car: offers visitors an amazing view of the old downtown area of Mokpo, and the surrounding natural scenery, including Yudalsan Mountain and the southern sea.


Mokpo Hyundai By Lahan Hotel or similar class
B: hotel /L: Braised herbal country chicken /D: Charcoaled BBQ

Strawberry Plucking Experience: INC self plucking maximum 250g per person.
Jeonju Chagyeong Hanok Café [ INC 01 x cup of tea or beverage ] Korean tradional tea cafe in Hanok Village.
Jeonju Hanok Village: It is the only hanok community in Korea that has been completely preserved, and it also has the title of "the largest hanok village in Korea".

B: Hotel/ L: Shimmered chicken /D: Jeonju bibimbap with makgeolli

Jeonju best Western Hotel or similar class
B: hotel /L: Braised herbal country chicken /D: Charcoaled BBQ

Experience Ski (Optional) : you can learn how to ski on white snow and enjoy all the fun with skating and sledding (ski equipment & suits 50,000won on own expenses).



Ski Resort Sono Moon Vivaldi Park Hotel or similar class
B–Hotel / L–Ginseng Chicken Soup)         

Lotte World (With Free Pass): is the perfect spot for entertainment and sightseeing. It is a theme park filled with thrilling rides, an ice rink, different kinds of parades as well as a folk museum, a lake, and much more.
Byulmadang library parnas coex mall: is an open cultural space that communicates with rest, meeting, and books. We communicate the true happiness of life through lectures and performances by celebrities in literature and art, as well as thinking through reading.


Seoul Holiday Inn Express Hongdae Hotel or similar class
B–Hotel / L–Pork BBQ

Ginseng Outlet, Healthy Liver Shop, Cosmetic Duty Free
Deoksu Palaceis a walled compound of palaces in Seoul that was inhabited by members of Korea's Royal Family during the Joseon monarchy until the annexation of Korea by Japan in 1910.
Ikseon-dongThe maze-like streets of Ikseon-dong hold treasures in the form of cafés, restaurants, and handicraft shops with unique concepts and designs operated by young artists and entrepreneurs.



B–Hotel / Meal On Board

Proceed to Grocery Shop to buy some local food & souvenir till  transfer to airport for your flight home.


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