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8 Days 6 Nights Magical of Ice & Snow Japan Tohoku
8天6晚 冰雪&奇缘,日本东北
Tour code : JTHK08

秋田县/ 岩手县/ 山形县/ 福岛县
Akita / Iwate / Yamagata/ Fukushima


  • 男鹿真山传承馆 Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum
  • 严美溪 Gembikei Gorgeis
  • 银山温泉街 Ginzan onsen
  • 宫城藏王狐狸村 Zaō Fox Village
  • 二荒山神杜 Nikko Futarasan-jinja Shrine

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Depart by flight to Akita, is the capital city of Akita prefecture Japan.
Arrival Akita , proceed to hotel for check-in

Akita Hotel Metropolitan or similar class
Hotel Breakfast / Lunch: Japanese cuisine / Dinner: Japanese cuisine

Port Tower Selion: is143 meters high. The tower provides a 360-degree panoramic view of the Sea of Japan, Oga Peninsula and Mt.Chokai from a height of 100 meters.
Nyudozaki: is a scenic cape located at the northern tip of the Oga Peninsula offering sweeping views of the ocean well known fo its beautiful sunset, which chosen as one of "Japan's 100 selected sunset " and a black-&-white light house, listed as one of Japan's 50 best lighthouses.
Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum: Experience the folklore of the Namahage.

Appi Kogen ANA crowne Plaza or similar class
Hotel Breakfast / Lunch: Japanese cuisine / Dinner :Japanese cuisine

Ogata Fuji: a mountain with an altitude of Om known as the lowest mountain in Japan. (subject to weather
Ando Soy Sauce & Miso Brewery: have always been produced exclusively with natural ingredients and without additives.
Lake Tazawa: it is the deepest lake in Japan. The clear , lazuline color of its water is truly beautiful.
Overnight at Hanamaki-onsen: well known as a hot spring and therapeutic bath resort area, enjoy every moment of your stay in Japan and stands tranquilly amid the rich natural beauty of Hanamaki in Iwate.

Hanamaki Onsen or similar class
Hotel Breakfast / Lunch: Japanese cuisine / Dinner :Japanese cuisine

Chusonji Temple: Hiraizumi's most famous temple.
Visiting the Motsuji Temple : which is listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 2011 and have received
designations as both special historical sites and special places of scenic beauty.
Gembikei Gorgeis: a dynamic 2-km gorge formed by the lwai River flowing from Mt. Kurikoma and was designated as one of the national places of scenic
beauty and a natural treasure. (subject to weather conditions)

Naruko Kanko Hotel or similar class
Hotel Breakfast / Lunch: Japanese cuisine / Dinner :Japanese cuisine

Ginzan onsen: literally means "Silver Mountain Hot Spring", is a beautiful hot spring town located along the Ginzan river. Enjoy st『oilingthrough one of Japan's prettiest onsen town lined with three and four storey
wooden inns.*"Oshin"·the famous known Japanese drama used here for location shooting too.
Zaō Fox Village: there is a 'village' that is filled with over 100 animals and 6 different types of foxes.
Mount Zao Ropeway: one of the prominent mountains in Tohoku region. Enjoy the view of Winter foliage during Winter. (subject to weather conditions)

Zao Sansatei Hotel or similar class
Hotel Breakfast / Lunch: Japanese cuisine / Dinner :Japanese cuisine

Tsuruga Castle: (Aitsu Wakamatsu), symbol of Aizuwakamatsu town, also a traditional castle in northern Japan.
Ouchl-juku: post town in the Edo period. Country selection important traditional buildings preservation
Lake lnawashiro: is the forth largest lakes in Japan, known as "heaven's mirror lake" because its surface
reflects the shape of Mt. Bandai- san like a heavenly mirror.

Inawashiro Hotel Listel or similar class
Hotel Breakfast / Lunch: Japanese cuisine / Dinner :Japanese cuisine

Proceed to Nikko: a city located inthe mountains of Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.
Nikko Toshogu Shrine: UNESCO World Heritage Site, is as beautiful as it is historically significant. Comprising 55 separate buildings.
Nikko Futarasan-jinja Shrine: known for a place to pray for good fortune and good marriage.
Shinjuku:is best known for its lavish nightlife as it's the biggest red light district in Tokyo.
After dinner proceed to airport.

Meal on board

Arrival Kuala Lumpur.

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